Frequently Asked Questions

(call us if we haven’t covered any of your concerns)

  • How do I make a reservation?

You can call us directly or visit our website ordering screen. It’s the same screen we use when you call to make a booking so you know that all information you provide is secure and transparent to you and us only.

  • Deposits?

Event rentals get booked up very quickly and we want to secure your unit(s) to ensure it is available for when you need it. Yes, we require a 25% deposit for your event and it is non-refundable but can also be used as a credit towards another booking without an expiry date. A contract will be sent to your email

  • What do we at Leap Events need to know about your event?

These are the basic questions we may ask you:

What is the event and how many people or kids will be attending? What kind of event is it? Where will the event be held (ie. Indoors/outdoors)? What is the area that will be available to setup your equipment? Are there any obstacles in getting to the setup area(ie. Stairs, gates, doorways, etc.)? What is the platform that the unit will be sitting on (ie. Grass, pavement)? Will your event be a public or private gathering? A safety and spec sheet is available for our units and will show all relevant details about the unit requirements.

  • Are Bouncing Castles Safe?

Yes, they are safe. They are used in many countries around the world and is a wonderful addition to your event. We ensure that the appropriate steps that are supported by our Insurance Company and TSSA are in place and being practiced. Click here for more information on the TSSA requirements.

  • Do they cause injuries?

Bouncing Castles have been around for many years and yes injuries do happen. One of our safety goals is to reduce the potential of experiencing an injury by ensuring we supervise all public events, monitoring the amount of kids allowed on a castle, looking for behavior that can lead to an injury.

  • How long does it take to set up?

When we arrive on-site there will typically be 2 workers that will do the following within a half an hour typically for each unit:

  1. Delivery depends on your area but we aim to arrive at least 1 hour or more prior to your event.
  2. Once we arrive we offload the equipment from the trailer
  3. Carefully move the unit(s) to the desired location
  4. Assess the area for safety and proper clearances.
  5. Locate a secure electrical circuit to plug the blower(s) into.
  6. Unfold the inflatable and insert the blower into it.
  7. When unit is unfolded, it will be tied down securely to the ground either by sandbags(hard surfaces) or nailed into the grass.
  8. We will then discuss the safety protocols with you and your family and provide you a safety sheet of important points to remember for your event.
  9. A waiver is and invoice is signed with payment due on receipt of delivery and setup.
  • What if the weather changes?

We would work with you to ensure that you are aware of the situations that may not allow your event to happen on the day you want it to. Weather is the most important one but we can decide if another time in the day allows for it, or another day can be planned. You will not lose your booking deposit. If your house allows for it, and your kids are small enough, we can bring it indoors. We have to follow strict guidelines for these Amusement Park Device/Inflatables, so we reserve the right to cancel if the weather is poses any risks to your event for safety reasons. Call us for more information.

How many kids are allowed on a castle at a given time?

This is a very important question and point to address. Depending on the size of the castle, you will be provided a safety sheet outlining the requirements for your rented unit(s). As long as you are monitoring the castle and the kids, your event will be successful. Your waiver will stipulate your responsibility to the unit and the kids that are on it and our responsibility to the unit for delivery, setup and take down. We encourage safety to be a big part of your event to that it stays fun!

  • What if I need to cancel?

We allow upto the morning of delivery for cancellation with full refund. However, if we are onroute, the deposit if non-refundable. Simply call us and we work with you to rebook or arrange for a return of your deposit if applicable.

  • Can I get one for a family picnic in a public park?

You would have to get a permit for the picnic that will allow for this type of unit to be used. The only issue here is ensuring that your family and not the public have access to it. For safety reasons, we would prefer to be present for this type of event. You would also need to determine if there is adequate power nearby.

  • Delivery charges?

Most of our pricing is inclusive of delivery, but if you are outside of the GTA and more than a 45km for our area of coverage, we may discuss additional charges at the time of booking.

  • Payment options?

You can choose to pay online via Paypal to use your credit card for your deposit. Remaining payment dues are normally Cash on delivery, but no cheques. A deposit must be made in advance upon booking.

  • Refunds

There are no refunds once the equipment has been delivered and setup. Deposits are non-refundable but can be used as a future credit. Deposits do not have any expiry date and can also be transferred. Please call us to discuss your options.

  • Damages

If your event is successful, everyone will have had their fill of fun and we go home happy. However, in some circumstances, kids are not being monitored well and can cause damage to the equipment. As the responsible party for the event, you need to follow our Safety guidelines and are held responsible for any malicious damage. Damages can include: Inflatable repairs, loss of business costs, equipment sabotage. You will have the option to purchase an insurance to cover your rental in the event something does happen. Please note that we keep full record of our equipment maintenance and condition prior to delivery. It is in your interest to identify any visible issues at the time of drop-off to the Leap Event personnel before they leave.

  • Insurance and Certification

We carry insurance for our business and we also ensure that our units are TSSA certified for public use.

  • Supervison

The party that signs for the equipment is typically the one responsible for the safety of the equipment and the participants. Each unit and depending on its size and complexity, requires atleast one adult supervisor. We will advise if more are needed. The supervisor is responsible to ensure that the children are acting responsibly and should also check to ensure that equipment is kept secure at all times. If you need a dedicated supervisor, we can provide one for an additional fee.

  • Rental Period

You have the rental for the day. If you book it at 12noon, we will drop it off in the morning and we will pick it up either in the evening or the next day depending on the location of the event. You can also do long-term rentals for your business or event. Call us to arrange your booking and to get more details.